Goal of this study: The goal of this study was to develop a pre-clinical model of the potential biological, physiological and behavioral consequences of drug-induced abortion in an animal model (a laboratory rat).

Our model utilizes established scientific parameters considered to be indicators of the physiological and behavioral changes associated with depression- and anxiety-like behavior and stress, including rat body weight, food intake, vaginal impedance, sucrose consumption/preference, locomotor activity, home-cage activity, forced swim test, and oxidative balance measures.

Given the role of animal models in assisting in our understanding of the biobehavioral mechanisms underlying human brain function and behavior, the established animal model described in our study provides insight into the potential consequences of abortion in humans and a foundation for further pre-clinical research on the topic of abortion.

Now Published/presented

Biological, Behavioral and Physiological Consequences of Drug-Induced Pregnancy Termination at First-Trimester Human Equivalent in an Animal Model

Matthew Bulfin Educational Conference Presentation (April 2019)