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Compiled by: Stephen Sammut BPharm, PhD
Last updated: 12/2/2022

Statement Regarding Inclusion of Retracted Articles

PLEASE NOTE: In the literature cited in this document, which primarily focuses on SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, and COVID “vaccines”, there are situations where a paper may have been withdrawn/retracted after I cited it. Every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is up-to-date. HOWEVER, please note, that extreme caution is necessary in the credibility and genuineness attributed to any retraction (i.e., just because it is listed on Retraction Watch does not mean does not mean it is a legitimate retraction.) The primary reasons for this are:

  • The current climate of political correctness and censorship of scientists who challenge the narrative promoted by the mainstream media, various political agendas, and people with minimal or questionable scientific knowledge relative to pathophysiology (e.g. Bill Gates), but with significant financial or other interest,
  • The clear irrationality and lack of logic in the narrative and the resultant reactive measures,
  • The ignoring/dismissing of previous and established knowledge relating to viruses, treatment, spread, and efficacy/inefficacy of the measures taken,
  • The ignoring/dismissing of the clear negative consequences on humanity and the inhumanity to which many have been subjected as a result of the irrationality of all measures taken with, in the case of COVID-19, minimal/limited impact on the spread of the virus, and
  • The substantial historic documentation that exists (some covered in this document) indicating significant likelihood of intentionality and culpability of various organizations in the numerous harms/crimes committed against humanity over the years, but most especially since the outbreak of COVID-19.

As such, I have chosen to indicate where retractions have been posted, when I become aware of them, but I have NOT and will NOT remove the reference if it is compliant with common sense, logic, and the scientific knowledge we have applied up until the COVID-19 drama unfolded. It is necessary to point out, at this point, that the COVID-19 drama appears to be the culmination of years of preparation by numerous players, and potentially only the beginning of other plans associated with potentially coercing the general population into submission, through fear and panic induced by disease or other events. Interestingly, to the best of my knowledge, no COVID-19 and vaccine-narrative-favorable literature has been retracted despite ethical and questionable interpretations, or errors in conclusions.

Disclaimer: THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. All information included on this website and in the document is for informational purposes only, as it seeks to provide the reader with data/information from various sources. Always seek appropriate medical advice and care when needed from your physician or another qualified health care provider.

Table of Contents

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COVID-19 Synopsis

  1. Putting SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 in Perspective – the reality of COVID-19 morbidity and recovery
    1.1 Definitions in the Age of COVID-19
    1.2 False Predictions, Misrepresentation, Intimidation, Terrorizing, Bullying, Labeling & Vilification
    1.3 COVID-19 in Context

  2. Ignored Evidence of Toll on Humanity due to Measures Imposed
    2.1 Mental Health Consequences
    2.2 Drug Overdose
    2.3 Delays in addressing other disease
    2.4 Other Consequences Reported

  3. The ethical issues in relation to the various mandates, lockdowns, vaccines, research, etc.

  4. Masks
    4.1 Inefficacy of mask mandates
    4.2 Potential for significant impact on society
    4.3 Adverse neurological consequences
    4.4 Adverse physiological effects
    4.5 Penetration of viral particles
    4.6 Inefficiency and inefficacy of masks
    4.7 Increased spread
    4.8 Substantial psychosocial impact

  5. Lockdowns, Isolation & Social Distancing

  6. PCR Testing and Asymptomatic Testing

  7. COVID-19 Vaccines
    7.1 Gene therapy?
    7.2 Failure to properly investigate the vaccines
    7.3 Lack of transparency, potential conflicts of interest, corruption
    7.4 Potential spread of “Vaccine” mRNA (and side effects) beyond site of injection and to others
    7.5 Children, adolescents and vaccinations – lack of necessity and dangers
    7.6 Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)
    7.7 Breakthrough Infections, Vaccine Pressure, Viral Escape
    7.8 Virus Interference
    7.9 Measuring Vaccine Efficacy
    7.10 Vaccine Efficacy/Inefficacy, Waning Vaccine Immunity and Natural Immunity
    7.11 Adverse events/Side effects & VAERS data analysis
    7.12 Autoimmune disease
    7.13 Additional concerns

  8. Available Treatments: the good that’s refused and the bad that is pushed

  9. Additional Information
    9.1 Mass Formation
    9.2 Planned event?
    9.2.1 Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development
    9.2.2 Event 201
    9.2.3 NIH Funded Gain-of-Function Research in China
    9.3 Effort to Control humanity
    9.3 Efforts to control fertility
    9.4 Swabs under a microscope
    9.5 5G Radiation & COVID-19
    9.6 COVID-19 “Vaccine”-associated Revenue

  10. Other diseases
    10.1 Monkeypox
    10.2 Preplanned?
    10.3 Sexually Transmitted Disease?

  11. Acknowledgment

  12. References