With the continuing global drama pertaining to infectious disease, relating to COVID-19 and, at the time of the writing, the monkeypox cases, in addition to “mystery hepatitis” and surely many more over the upcoming years, this document is going to have to morph into a document of resources pertaining to diseases other than COVID-19. The goal of the document remains to challenge the narrative and also to challenge the reader to think and seek out the information – the truth – themselves. The reader, in fact, is strongly encouraged to not simply rely on this document, most especially given the magnitude of the reality that is unfolding. It is necessary to remember that in knowledge is power, and the less likely you are to be manipulated. Ignorance is not bliss.

This is not a conspiracy theory document but a document that seeks to lay out the reality as it evolves and sadly, as it is manipulated, as people speak, as evil becomes exposed. The reader is always asked to question, to think for themselves and critically, and ultimately to ensure that THEY ARE FREE to make up their own mind. The truth speaks for itself.

This document is sadly necessary because of the immense and intensified efforts that have been made towards population control under the guise of science. This is not an empty unfounded statement, since the evidence has pointed in this direction for at least 70 years (see: https://rumble.com/v132jb6-the-neurobiopsychosocial-basis-of-crowd-behavior.html for a broad summary). This reality has not only been admitted in writing (as part of the goal of this document is to show; or see https://time.com/collection/great-reset/), but also been spoken by certain people in power themselves, such as Marion Koopmans (scientist with the WHO), who speaks of a World Health Organization (WHO) 10 year plan of infectious disease, Bill Gate (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), who also is a significant funder of the WHO and appears to also exert a significant influence on the World Economic Forum (WEF). Thus, the goal of this document is to provide as much information as is humanly possible, pertaining to the various aspects of these global diseases that, at this point, have every marking of being intentionally planned (e.g., Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network, 2010; Event 201; Yassif et al., 2021)